Photo Gallery

Photos of our Staff and Patients:

laser therapy

Acupuncture Treatment

Electroacupuncture Treatment


Electroacupuncture Treatment

Dr. Hardoon with Boxer puppies after a C Section

Brandi with one of our patients

Brandi & Scottish Fold Kitten

Chelsey & Boxer puppy

Chelsey with golden doodle puppies

Kervans with German Shepherd

Dr. Hardoon & Great Dane

Doberman Sabrina receiving acupuncture

Bunny receiving acupuncture

Emmy receiving acupuncture

Dr. Hardoon with Ivy

Max receiving laser therapy

Cute Scottish Fold Kitty

Laser therapy

Electroacupuncture Treatment

Dr. Hardoon & Ayla

Guillermo & Yoceline Performing Laser Therapy

Cute puppies

Sushi and her kittens

Photos of our hospital space in Williston Park, New York. Please click a thumbnail image to view larger!

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