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Payment Options:

We offer Care Credit and Trupanion Pay and accept all Pet Insurances.

We do recommend pet insurance as we find that this takes the financial burden off of making decisions for your pet’s care. We have found Trupanion to be the best pet insurance for our patients as it covers holistic options including Acupuncture, herbal therapy and laser. We have teamed up with Trupanion to offer “Trupanion Pay” to our patients which immediately pays for a portion of your pet’s bill through your Trupanion insurance.

Additional resources

Dr. Katie Lawlor, Psy.D.@petlosspsychologist
Pet Service, Grief & Loss Psychologist, Animal Advocate

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Pet Wellness App
Virtual visits, access your pet’s medical records, prescription history, book appointments and more.

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Online Pharmacy
Save time and order perscription food and medicine online and have it delivered

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