Will My Dog Walk Again? – Acupuncture for Paralysis




Little Chloe was a regular happy dog, until one day when she jumped off the couch and suddenly had trouble using her back legs.  “She was fine this morning” her owner Margie told us.  “Now she can’t walk and pulls herself around on her front legs” .


Dr. Hardoon examined Chloe and found that the reflexes in her hind legs were abnormal and she had “proprioceptive deficits” which means she could not put her feet back in the correct position.

Dr. Hardoon recommended electroacupuncture for Chloe.  “It takes anywhere from 3 to 6 treatments of electroacupuncture for function to return to normal.” she says. “We also recommend using herbal therapy as well to help them return to normal sooner. We have even successfully treated paralyzed dogs and cats who have had surgery and the surgeon told the owners that their pet may may never walk again. That is the magic of acupuncture.”

Now Chloe is again a happy dog and her hind leg function is back to normal. Margie is so happy to see her back to normal.  “Thanks to Dr. Hardoon and her staff I have my Chloe back, and I couldn’t ask for more.”

If you have a paralyzed pet or a pet that has trouble walking contact us to find out how acupuncture may help.

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