Choosing a Commercially Available Diet For your Dog or Cat

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Please note : We are providing the list below for our clients who do not wish to feed their pets a home cooked diet or raw diet.  

Although home cooked and raw diets often provide the best nutrition for your pet when prepared correctly, we have many clients who ask us about a more convenient or alternative option.  For this reason we are providing the list below.

In making this list we have referenced the website  Dog Food as well as the pet food product labels and listed ingredients.  Dog Food is an informative website that ranks food by quality and discusses in detail the various ingredients present in different pet foods.  At this time the website only covers foods available for dogs.

It is our goal that you use this list and the websites we have provided to help you learn more about the ingredients in your pets food and to help you make an informed decision on your pets diet. Please note that we cannot guarantee your pet’s response to any of the listed diets – see our disclaimer below.  We recommended when switching your pet to any new diet to do so slowly over 5 to 7 days.  If your pet develops any stomach upset when changing diets please seek veterinary care.

A Selection of 5 Star rated dog foods as listed by Dog Food*:                                                


Blue Buffalo  Wilderness

Canidae  Grain Free Pure  

Canine Caviar

Evangers  Grain Free    


I and Love and You

Innova  Nature’s Table

Merrick Classic & Grain Free

Nature’s Variety  Instinct, Instinct Raw Boost & Freeze Dried


Primal  Freeze Dried

Solid Gold

Stella & Chewy’s  Freeze Dried

Wellness Core


Whole Earth Farms


*For a complete listing & more details please see     

Disclaimer: We have used as well as the individual dog food company’s provided pet food ingredients as our reference for the list above.  It is our goal to keep our clients up to date and informed about any pet food recalls by posting them on our facebook page, but we cannot guarantee that the information above will be updated on a daily basis.  We cannot vouch for the company’s listed ingredients and cannot guarantee your individual pet’s response to any of the diets listed. We recommend using this list and the website links we have provided to make an informed decision on your pets diet.  Please contact the companies directly for more information on the foods above.                                                                            

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