Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy for Dogs & Cats

Just like people, pets suffer from allergies- and the itching and scratching that goes along with them.  Thousands of pets suffer from allergies, a disease in which your pet’s immune system reacts abnormally to everyday substances such as pollens, animal dander, mold spores, mites and certain foods.

If your dog or cat is itching, scratching, licking or chewing the skin, it might be because of allergies. Do you see redness of the belly, ears or an ear infection that won’t go away? It’s time for a check up to to see if your dog or cat may be suffering from allergies!

We now have allergy testing available by Heska labs to find out what your dog or cat is allergic to.  With a simple blood test performed right in our hospital we can come up with a treatment solution to bring effective, long-term relief to your pet!

Pet allergies are not uncommon. There are new options that make it even easier on your pet! In addition to the traditional allergy shots, we also offer ALLERCEPT Therapy Drops which are a revolutionary way to provide effective treatment and relief from allergy symptoms.

Therapy Drops are in an easy-to-use pump that dispenses drops under a pets tongue twice a day at home.  The bottle is designed to make administering the allergy drops very easy, and the taste of the solution appeals to pets!  Refrigeration is not required making it easy to travel with your treatment set.  This option is great for pet owners and pets that have an aversion to injections or pets that have failed injections.

Call today to schedule your appointment and start your suffering pet on the path to long-term relief!


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