Williston Park Animal Hospital Opportunities for Employment


Williston Park Animal Hospital Opportunities for Employment

At Williston Park Animal Hospital we pride ourselves on providing compassionate care to all pets and their pet parents. If you are passionate about a career in veterinary medicine and are looking to provide top quality care to pets of all shapes and sizes, this is the right place for you. Please see below for available positions:

Available Positions as of May 2017

Veterinary Technician / Nurse (LVT)  – We are currently looking to hire an exceptional Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) to join our team. The candidate should value teamwork and collaboration. Qualified applicant must possess a license in veterinary technology (LVT) and have experience working with pets of all sizes. If you are interested in applying please email or fax us your resume and cover letter today! For more job information see below.

Veterinary Technician Job Overview

The role of the veterinary technician is similar to that of a registered nurse in a doctor’s office. Vet techs are the veterinarian’s right hand.  Vet techs can specialize in several different areas of medicine, including dentistry, anesthesia, nutrition and pathology. Vet techs often supervise other members of the veterinary care team such as the veterinary assistant. Depending on the work environment, the daily tasks of a veterinary technician can include:

  • Taking patient history for animals presenting for treatment
  • Collecting specimens and performing laboratory tests
  • Preparing animals for surgery, which can include administering anesthesia and monitoring the animal during surgery
  • Taking X-rays and performing other diagnostic tests
  • Cleaning animals’ teeth
  • Interpreting laboratory and diagnostic tests and communicating results to treating clinicians
  • Giving specialized nursing care to critically ill or injured animals
  • Supervising the activities of other veterinary office staff
  • Assisting with research projects and supervising the care of research animals

In NY State veterinary technicians must be licensed by the NY State Board of Education. In other states, they may be certified by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA). In order to qualify for certification, vet techs must complete a two-year degree program at a school accredited by the American Veterinary Medicine Association.


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