Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs & Cats

Stem Cell Therapy is a new and unique way to treat arthritis and chronic joint pain in dogs and cats.

Stem cell therapy involves injecting stem cells into the areas of pain and degeneration.  The stem cells then mature into cells with specialized functions that enable them to repairing the body’s tissues that are damaged by injury or disease. We have partnered with Vet-Stem to offer this service to our patients.

The process of stem cell therapy involves three steps:

  1. We harvest stem cells from your pet by collecting a small fat sample from the patient (the best stem cells are usually obtained from the abdomen) during a short surgical procedure. The sample is shipped to the VetStem laboratory for processing.
  2. The VetStem laboratory processes the fat sample into usable stem cells. The stem cells are shipped back to us ready to repair your pet’s injured or damaged tissue.
  3. Another short procedure involves injecting the stem cells directly into the affected tissue to allow it to repair and heal.

Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling Stem Cell Therapy for your pet.

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